Enkindle Cameroon is an initiative of Goodness and Mercy Missions that was started in 2016 by Teh Francis as a means of promoting the socio-economic empowerment of rural women in Cameroon. The organization provides leadership training for women to have independence and leadership in their own destinies, and also business training and Table Banking so that they can be self-sufficient as individuals. This enables them to make their own independent financial decisions. It is only when women have sustainable work and income that they can make major contributions to their children’s education.

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Our Mission

We provide hands on business training for rural women; which discovers and ignites their passions.

Our Vision

A Cameroon where rural women are famous for being financially independent to solve their own problems, and underprivileged children having access to a hassle free education.

Contact details: ekcameroon@gmail.com
Phone: +237 652433164.