About Enkindle Cameroon

Enkindle Cameroon is a venture under Goodness and Mercy Missions, a registered non-profitmaking organization that was founded in the Boyo Division of Cameroon by Teh Francis in 2007. The main focus of EnKindle Cameroon is to see that women living in rural areas of Cameroon have a life of financial sustainability. The well-being of the family and a brighter future for the children are guaranteed when women are fully involved in income generation.

People can be self-sustaining only if they understand their skills, strengths, and passions. They need to possess a sense of self-worth, have access to relevant information, and be in a position to make their own decisions. Additionally, they should be able to influence others in their periphery. To achieve this, EnKindle Cameroon has created a program that empowers rural women through basic knowledge of bookkeeping, agribusiness, and marketing strategies in order to manage one’s own business. This is through business training of a kind, one that enkindles passions and enables proper use of tools. The curriculum fosters needs analysis, creative thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Women get funding for their startup businesses through Table Banking. It is a group funding plan where members of a particular group meet every month, place their savings, loan repayments and other money on the table then borrow immediately either as short or long-term loans. EnKindle Cameroon arranges for grants in order to scale up the group’s table banking business.


Founder: Teh Francis Yai
Coordinator of Women Groups: Alice Nabain
General Secretary: Charity Binde
Coordinator of Hands on Business Training: Nges Daniel
Accounts Secretary: Rachel Nange

Contact details: ekcameroon@gmail.com
Phone: +237 665604832