March 2023 EnKindle Cameroon Newsletter

Dear all, Greetings once more from the GMM EnKindle Cameroon office at Jinkfuin. 2023 is already three months gone and we are excited that much achievement has been made by way of the projects we carry out. We have been able to train more rural women in hands on business training and Table Banking. We […]

EnKindle Cameroon 2022 End of Year Newsletter

GMM EnKindle Cameroon

Dear friends, sponsors, donors, and volunteers of GMM Enkindle Cameroon,It is a pleasure to report to you this end of year 2022 of the exciting projects and programs carried out at Enkindle Cameroon and with our parent organization, Goodness and Mercy Missions Cameroon. I will also be highlighting some of the planned projects. Business Training […]

As the New Year 2023 starts, EnKindle Cameroon is even more determine to carry on meaningful work in the community to bring about social change and transformation. Responding to someone who tells the reason why she supports people in need, the director of the GMM EnKindle Cameroon Project, Teh Francis, has this to say, “My […]

Bracing Up for the Academic Year

GMM EnKindle Cameroon

August is always a busy month at the GMM EnKindle project as we prepare children to go back to school. The students receive support from international partners and donor organization as well as through local fund raising initiatives. If you desire supporting a child in primary school, secondary or whatever level, contact us at […]

Social Enterprise Initiative, EnKindle Cameroon Farm.

While working to see that rural women break free from generational cycles of poverty, make independent financial decisions, help support their children’s education, and have independence and leadership in their own destinies, EnKindle Cameroon has employed several options to raise funds. Fundraising have been through grants, crowd funding, individual donors and other local fund raising […]

Starting More Table Banking Groups in Boyo, Cameroon.

GMM EnKindle Cameroon has been very successful with its Hands on Business and Table Banking Project. Not only does it focus attention on the beneficiaries, but during implementation, ample time has been taken to educate community members on the importance of starting local initiatives and wade off poverty. Rural women can create their own wealth, […]

Overview of 2021 at EnKindle Cameroon

The year 2021 came to a successful end at the GMM EnKindle Cameroon Project. We successfully carried out a series of projects ranging from Child Sponsorship, scholarships for disadvantaged children, computer training, young mothers project and many other relevant interventions. We heartily thank the various people who supported us to achieve these feats. Our most […]