Ongoing Projects-

  1. Service Bikes to Access Enclave Project Areas: At the moment, the organization is in need of two service motor bikes to access areas where our project activities are carried out. There are some rural communities that one can reach only by means of a motor bike or by trekking. This makes it difficult for some project activities to be carried out, especially when it entails carrying material or provisions to our target beneficiaries. One such motor bike to access these communities cost $2018.
  2. Toyota Pick Up to ease Rural Farmers Transportation of Farm Produce to Home or Market: Most of our target beneficiaries are rural farmers and cultivate their crops in the forest or in faraway places like Mujang and Mbueni. They might have made substantial gain, had they had a safe means of transporting their harvest from farm to home or market. The cost of transportation on motorbikes or vans is always costly, and some women take initiative to carry on their heads or on their backs. This is very detrimental to their health. It is also time consuming and a greater amount of their produce gets spoiled in the farm. With a service van (single cabin pick up van), crops of these women reach home or the market in time, and at a reduced cost. Cost of 2nd Hand Single Cabin Pick up Van is about $8000.