1. Hands on Business Training and Table Banking: EnKindle Cameroon empowers rural communities through Hands on Business Training and Table Banking. This project helps especially rural women to be able to make independent financial decisions and have independence and have leadership in their own destinies. You can see more about this here https://ekcameroon.org/2022/03/04/starting-more-table-banking-groups-in-boyo-cameroon/.
  2. Child Sponsorship and Scholarships for Struggling Students: Information about this program can be found in our parent organization’s website, Goodness and Mercy Missions https://gmmafrica.org/blog/projects/. The Children of Cameroon UK is doing much to make our child sponsorship program very successful, while Informatic for Africa Switzerland help with scholarships for the students on a yearly basis. Sponsoring a child ranges from £10 to £27 per month. However this depends on the child you choose to sponsor, the child’s education level, age and the level of sponsorship you wish to commit to. Scholarships for students at the secondary or high school level for one student per year is 114 euros and that of a primary school student is 38 euros. This includes tuition and basic school needs at an average school.
  3. Capacity Building: There is a vocational training for young mothers sponsored by our UK partners, JACKABELL Clothing through GMM, https://web.facebook.com/Jackabells-Clothing-110621961081576/ There are also youth livelihood projects where youths learn a trade to create employment for themselves or enhance employment opportunities. It takes about 305 euros for a young mother or youth to undergo a training. Examples of these activities are tailoring, knitting, decor, driving, design, nursing, teacher training and hair salon
  4. Computer Training: This program has been fully developed by Informatic for Africa, Switzerland. A computer training centre is built and equipped at Jinkfuin. This project is fully supported.
  5. Library Services: There is a research library of more than 5000 assorted books at Jinkfuin. The library targets students who have no access to resources for their studies and research.
  6. Other Project Activities: Informatic For Africa is also helping through GMM to construct classrooms in some community schools, provide solar lamps and other solar devices to needy communities in Boyo.